Recall Madame X is a retrowave musical and visual project, with a cinematic and oneiric feel: its sound is dark vintage-analog, created with groovebox, moog and modified electronics.

The sounds are evocative, constantly distorted bass meets ailing synths.
The structures are lysergic: rhythms range from electroacoustic to tribal; harmonies are complex and orchestral, rich in white vocal harmonizations, nostalgic lullabies in theatrical dissonances.

The project was born with Alessandro De Benedetti (musician, designer, illustrator) and Andrea Zuccotti (author, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer). Both were rescued in their restless adolescence by the spooky music and lyrics of the softcell and psychic tv, and they began composing decadent post punk songs with the help of a TR707 and an out-of-tune acoustic guitar.

This is how Supersexdeluxe, the first album, published by Aries music, came out in 2007, with an electro-wave appeal and inspired by the subculture of soft-porn photo novels of the seventies, by italian noir comics and by the music of the film “What ever happened to baby Jane?”. The disc contained in attachment a 16-page photo-novel booklet created and designed by the band, destined to become a classic for comic enthusiasts.

In 2008, the release of the single rumore was bound to divide the audience. The original version of Raffaella Carrà’s song became a screamed, almost hysterical thriller, enriched by distorted vocals and synths, ascending to leitmotif status for the legendary indie evening “London Loves” at the Plastic and for LGBT movements in Milan.

In 2013 the concept album Dive Cattive (Naughty Divas) was released. It was published by ponderosa and produced by Gianluca Mancini (assistant to Ludovico Einaudi) and Alberto Fabris (ex Blonde Redhead). Enriched by an orchestra of 12 elements, it was inspired by the soundtracks of the B-movies and off-movies of the sixties and seventies, a “horror soap-opera” - both a tribute and a sacrilegious hymn to the female universe outlined in horror/thriller/noir movies, from lucio fulci to peter weir, from Ennio Morricone to Bruno Nicolai.

On this occasion, sound was more analog but lyrics became darker and in Italian this time - they told of the moments before the sensual heroines succumb to their nefarious fate. Each song represented a desecrated tribute to the history and music of the benchmark film.

The album will be attached to the indie movie magazine Nocturno, on international distribution, in a remixed version that has become a cult, titled Preludio.

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