In 2013 the concept album Dive Cattive (Naughty Divas) was released. Published by ponderosa and produced by Gianluca Mancini and Alberto Fabris, the album is enriched by an orchestra of 12 elements. Inspired by the soundtracks of b-movies of the sixties and seventies, the concept of an “horror soap-opera” is the core of the album. It stands as both a tribute and a sacrilegious hymn to the female universe outlined in horror movies: each song represents a desecrated tribute to the history and music of the benchmark film.


Published by Aries music, the album came out in 2007, with an electro-wave appeal and inspired by the subculture of soft-porn photo novels of the seventies, by Italian noir comics and by the music of the film “What ever happened to baby Jane?”. the disc contains in attachment a 16-page photo-novel booklet created and designed by the band, destined to become a classic for comic enthusiasts.

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